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No more homeless pets is our goal and our passion.

All About Animals Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, founded in 2005, dedicated to ending pet overpopulation. We are the largest high quality, high volume, low-cost to no-cost spay and neuter, non-profit animal wellness organization in Michigan with clinics in Warren, Detroit and Auburn Hills. Our focus is on spay/neuter, community cat management, pet adoption and pet wellness care in the pursuit of No More Homeless Pets!

  • To date, we have safely spayed/neutered over 144,000 cats and dogs; 22,395 in 2014, and more than 24,896 in 2015
  • We provide free health screenings, low cost vaccines and preventative care; helping over 50,000 pets each year
  • Our mobile spay/neuter unit and transport vans allow us to bring low-cost to no-cost spay/neuter and wellness care to under-served communities within Michigan
  • Pets For Life Detroit: We strengthen the human-pet bond and give access to needed pet care resources. Pets are getting sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped, fed and living better lives!
  • We utilize a network of foster homes to give unwanted pets a safe place until their forever home is found
  • We have trained over 3,500 people through our comprehensive Trap Neuter Return program and stopped thousands of outdoor free roaming feral cats from reproducing and being euthanized in shelters
  • We run the Spay Michigan hotline helping families all over Michigan find the low cost spay/neuter providers nearest them.
  • We are committed to helping animals.
  • We are a no kill rescue. Maddie’s Fund website has excellent information on the No-Kill movement, what it really means and how to accomplish it.
  • We are available for interviews about spay/neuter, adoption and animal care.
  • We are one of the few rescues in the State of Michigan that assists families with spay/neuter of their pets.

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Legal Designation: All About Animals Rescue, a nonprofit charitable corporation organized under the laws of the State of Michigan, with the business address of 23451 Pinewood St., Warren, MI 48091 

Tax ID: Our tax identification # is 20-3006686

Date of Incorporation: September 30, 2005.  All About Animals Rescue is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Michigan State Employees Charitable Campaign code: U522 5001

Why spay/neuter?

To adopt out every dog and cat, everyone would have to own 21 cats and 7 dogs. If your house was flooding because the water was on, would you turn off the water first or start bailing out water?  Spay/neuter is like turning off the water. Nearly 50,000 cats and dogs are killed every year in Michigan shelters. Across the nation, 6 out of 10 dogs and 7 out 10 cats don’t make it out alive. We will never adopt our way out of this problem at this rate.

On average a sterilization costs $50, while adopting out a pet is around $500. To shelter a pet, that cost sky rockets to $5000. It is clear that building more shelters is not going to solve this problem. Spay/neuter is the most cost effective and quickest way to reach a day when there are no more homeless pets.

Are we seeing proof? Yes! Take for example the city of Warren which is the third most populated city in Michigan; the number of cats and dogs brought to the county shelter was nearly the same every year. But then a high-quality, high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinic named All About Animals Rescue opened in the city, providing low-cost spay/neuter 5 days a week. Can you guess what change has occurred in Warren over just a 6 year period? A 67% reduction in the number of cats and dogs entering shelters!


One example of a pet we’ve helped:

Moses who came to us underweight, wondering outdoors, with a sign tied with twine around his neck that said “My name is Moses.  I am a good boy.  Please take care of me.”  We were able to take Moses into foster care but it turned out he also needed surgery on both his knees.  Thankfully we were able to help him get his much needed surgery so he can live a pain free life and has been adopted into a wonderful home. Here is an update from his new family:

“He is doing wonderfully. He is so loved by this family and spoiled to much some days.  He is all one color now and running and having a blast with other dogs in the family.  He is so great with kids that the neighbor kids love to play with him, they say he is so soft and can’t stop touching him and he loves it. He had his first bath last month and enjoyed it so much that now he tries to jump into the bath with me.  My brother loves to take him to the beach to run on the sand and also enjoys all the attention he gets from the girls.  He is still a Detroit red wings fan but we are trying to convert him to a Canadians or Maple leaf fan and he will not have anything to do with it. He truly loves hockey it is very funny to watch. He also loves the snow so I think he starting to become a true Canadian.

We as a family can not thank you enough for the love and support you gave him during the rough times in his life and we want you to know that you are heroes to us.”


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