Rescue Resources – provides graphic design, website hosting, web building, project consulting, tools and much more for FREE! – creative professionals for animal welfare – design work for rescues

Fundraising123 – help with fund raising – donated and discounted sofware for non-profits. -list your rescue at no charge so funders can find you.

Network for Good – fundraising help for the overworked non-profit.

Stock.xchng – professional photos at low cost or FREE!

PetSmart Charities – webinars for non profit animal organizations, helpful topics such as grant writing, increasing adoptions, TNR and many more! You can register to listen to them live so you can participate or you can view past ones that are recorded. A top notch resource!

Humane Research Council – access to research, analysis and strategies to make your organization succesful!

Firestats – track your web site statistics (if your hosting provider doesn’t provide them for you).

Community Driven Institute – Non profit library of resources

Volunteer match – find volunteers in your area

Save our strays – information, articles, and help on saving pets


Foundation Center – There is no online access unless you pay a fee. However, you can do customized searches of grants at the Farmington Hills or WSU Library. For the Farmington library, you do not have to live there, only provide your driver’s license or your library card if your library member cooperates with them.

Best Practices Workshop Conference Handouts


A simple guide for successful fundraising events – an overview of how to fund raise, step by step.

Professional fund raiser – Grizzard, it is an investment and can be expensive to start but well worth it.

Software – Web Forms

You can use these sites to generate adoption forms, foster sign up forms, etc. There are versions that are free and then options to upgrade to a paid service.