All About Volunteering

Thank you for helping the animals! Once a month we hold a mandatory new volunteer orientation prior to volunteering.

Excluding  Special Events and Fostering, we ask for a minimum of a three month commitment to volunteer with All About Animals. Minors are welcome to volunteer with a guardian. Wearing a volunteer t-shirt is required and are made available for $10.

If you would like to volunteer regarding any of the opportunities below, please fill out the forms here and email Catherine Garrett at with your interests and available time commitments. Orientation will then be scheduled. Thank you!


Fostering Saves Lives (Everywhere)
We always need people to temporarily take care of pets while we look for their forever home. All of our pets stay in foster homes where they can be looked after individually and receive all the love and care they deserve. Pets will be vaccinated, de-wormed, fixed and put on heartworm and flea prevention.

Maybe it’s not the right time to add a permanent family member to your house. You can still save an animal by fostering. We also need people who are willing to take pets in on an emergency basis and hold on to them while we look for longer term foster.


Cleaning (Warren and Auburn Hills)
General and deep cleaning is always needed. Sweeping, scrubbing and mopping floors, scrubbing walls, cleaning tables, chairs and windows. Cleaning soiled cat traps, litter boxes, kennels and dishes. Vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets. These are just a few of the daily cleaning duties we are looking for help with.
Frequency – 1 to 6 x week
Time – 1 hour min


Grounds Poop and Litter Patrol (Warren and Auburn Hills)
There’s a lot of trash and doggie presents that accumulate quickly. We supply the trash bags, gloves, pooper-scooper and our many thanks! Parents and minors welcome. Grounds Patrol volunteers are welcome during any of our open hours.
Frequency – 1 to 4 x week
Time – 30 minutes min


Trap-Neuter-Return Training Classes and Shelter Building Workshop (Warren)
The second Sunday of every month:
10:30 – 2:30 pm. Volunteers will help set up the room, sign in participants, distribute handbooks and handouts, assign TNR cards, prepare and handout traps/forks to participants.

When Shelter Building Workshops are scheduled, they follow the TNR class. 2:00 to 5:00 pm. Help participants build feral cat houses. If you can use scissors and tape, you can help! Parents and minors welcome.


Spay/Neuter Education Assistant (At offsite events)
Skills Needed – Be able to follow direction, interact with people
Job Description – Educate and sign people up at events.
Frequency – varies
Time – 5 hours depending on the event


Special Event Assistant (At offsite events)
Skills Needed – Be able to follow direction, interact with people
Job Description – Assist with event, assist public.
Frequency – special events, varies
Time – varies


Fundraising Marketing Committee Member (Everywhere)
Skills Needed – Be able to follow direction, interact/communicate well with people, strategic planning and implementation
Job Description – Assist with research and contacting individuals and companies, write/send donation requests and thank you letters, organize special events, and perform assigned tasks.
Frequency – varies
Time – 2+ hours


Distribute Literature
Need some exercise? How about joining our Walking for Wellness street marketing team? Pairs campus neighborhoods and talk to local stores about displaying our clinic material.


Event Photographer
Skills needed – Professional camera, and able to email pictures
Job Description – Take pictures as requested at events and at prearranged times at the Warren clinic. Photos must be available by the next evening.
Time – 1 to 4 hours depending on event


Volunteer from home (Everywhere)
Want to volunteer from home? Write feature stories, design flyers, edit documents, research information. We’re looking for graphic designers, copy writers and creative people!

Spread the word! Print literature at home and post them in your area. Please be patient with the links, it may take a few seconds to load. Printable flyers:Pick One Kitten, Pick One Dog, Trap Neuter Return Training, Dental Care, Auburn Hills, Detroit & Warren Services

Are you a sewer? Sometimes we need ‘Adopt Me’ vests, feral cat trap covers and polar fleece kennel blankets.

Want to help animals in your area? Help us get the word out that affordable pet preventive care is available! Talk to your friends, neighbors, post on your Facebook page etc.

Making Cat Nip Toys/Crafts at home. Find/buy supplies. Make simple cat nip toys and blankets for the cats and dogs.

Certified Pet Behaviorist; Assist with problem solving and training with foster pets or with the Pet Support Line callers.

Petfinder Assistant; Skills needed – able to use a computer and follow direction.
Job Description – Write up descriptions of adoptable pets based on input from foster families so that the pets are appealing to the general public but still accurately represented. Volunteer will talk or email foster family, obtain information about the pet. Volunteer will obtain a picture, either themselves or from the photographer and add the description and picture to Petfinder, along with some standard identifier information.


Kennel Attendant (Warren)
Skills needed – ability to wash cages. Bending, kneeling, lifting and standing on a step stool are required.
Job Description – Prepare the cleaning solution according to directions and fill sprayer. Completely spray cages and let stand for 10 minutes. Clean each cage with a new cloth (to prevent transmission of disease). Generally early morning and early evenings
Frequency – 1 to 6 x per week
Time – 2+ hour


Laundry Attendant (Warren)
Skills needed – ability to operate a washing machine and dryer (instructions will be provided for the particular brand of laundry machine). Bending and carrying are required.
Job Description – Shake out laundry to ensure that all debris is removed. Load laundry washing machines to full, ensure that items are of approximate equal weight (for example, thick heavy blankets should be washed by themselves or with another thick heavy blanket). Add appropriate amount of detergent, bleach and start machine. When the cycle finishes , move to the dryer and start cycle. NOTE: surgery drapes (blue/blue green) MUST be washed separately from towels, blankets and other items. Once items are dry, fold towels by rolling them, smaller items and blankets can be folded in squares. Surgery drapes should be folded as instructed (rectangle for pack wraps and fan fold for drapes with a hole).
Frequency – 1 to 6 x per week
Time – 2 to 3 hours


Surgery Pack Technician (Warren)
Skills needed – able to wash instruments (similar to washing dishes at home) and able to follow directions.
Job Description – Prepare surgery packs according to the charts. Each surgery pack contains 8 instruments and must be double wrapped, taped using proper techniques. Once the packs are wrapped, they autoclaved. Autoclaved must be properly filled with water before starting, see chart onsite to determine proper fill level.
Frequency – 1 to 5 x per week. Time – 2-4 hours


Wellness Veterinary Technician (Warren and Auburn Hills)
Skills Needed – Veterinary Technician experience. Be able to follow direction, work quickly and interact with the public.

Help the veterinarian and veterinary technician during our wellness hours at Warren: Tuesday 10am to 6pm, Wednesday 11am to 7pm, Thursday 11 am to 7pm, Friday 10 am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 6 pm. In Auburn Hills: Thursday 3pm to 7pm, Friday 10am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 3pm.

Prepare vaccines, fill out paperwork, weigh patients, assist Veterinarian with procedures. Help hold animals for exams and vaccinations. Get heartworm and flea prevention ready to be sent home with the patient. Training consists of shadowing a technician until you are signed off by the veterinarian on your shift. This may take multiple sessions before ‘graduating’.
Frequency – 1 to 5 times per week
Time – 4+ hours


Wellness Veterinarian (Warren and Auburn Hills)
Skills Needed – Veterinary license in the State of Michigan, ability to work quickly and interact with the public.
Job Description – Perform physical exams, vaccinate, counsel and educate owners.
Time – Warren: Tuesday 10am to 6pm, Wednesday 11am to 7pm, Thursday 11 am to 7pm, Friday 10 am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 6 pm. In Auburn Hills: Thursday 3pm to 7pm, Friday 10am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 3pm.
Special traveling wellness events are available occasionally on Saturdays.
Frequency – flexible
Time – 5 + hours


Surgery Veterinary Technician (Warren)
Skills Needed – Veterinary Technician and surgical monitoring experience. Be able to follow direction, prepare animals for surgery, monitor patients while in recovery. Must have experience with anesthesia.
Frequency – 1 day per week, Monday through Friday
Time – 9am to 2pm


Veterinarian Surgeon (Warren)
Skills Needed – Veterinary license in the State of Michigan, ability to handle spay/neuter complications, surgery experience.
Job Description – Perform physical exams and spay/neuter surgeries on dogs and cats. Patients can be as young as 8 weeks/2 pounds and may be in heat. Prep work is done by veterinary assistants.
Frequency – varies
Time – flexible, weekends are available occasionally