All About Services & Pricing

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Dogs $80, Cats $40

Surgery includes a free nail trim.

Undescended/retained/cryptorchid testicles – varies depending on severity, additional charge starts at $25, but is at most $70. Should this occur, additional medications will also be needed.

Feral cats (unowned free roaming stray cats, community cats) $25 after taking TNR training workshop. Without workshop: $40 spay/neuter, $15 rabies, Free ear tip.

Please call 586-879-1745 for more information if you cannot afford the surgery fees. Please also note that our regular fee of $40 for a cat spay/neuter and $80 for a dog spay/neuter are already heavily discounted to our cost. Grants help us reduce this cost further with specific parameters set around what can be offered. Donations enable us to work with pet parents as much as we can on cost when they can’t afford our regular price and don’t fit a grant special. Pet parents that are able to pay full price for surgery help others who truly cannot.

All surgeries performed by licensed veterinarians. Read about our anesthesia protocol; click here. We safely sterilize pets 8 weeks old weighing 2 lbs or more.

Request an appointment online! Click here for an appointment, or call 586-879-1745.

$20 Precious Not Parents Sterilization Special. June only. Thanks to funding from PetSmart Charities, owned kittens and puppies 6 months to 8 weeks of age, who weigh a healthy 2 lbs, can get fixed for just $20 during the month of June. Ask for the Precious Not Parents special when making your appointment. 

All About Animals Year Round Get Fixed Specials* Thanks to donations from people like you!

Mom and Babies Cat Litter Special– cats only – bring in mom and her kittens on the same day, while the kittens are 8 to 12 weeks old; weighing at least 2 lbs. – the mom is $40 and each kitten is $10 each.

Pit Bulls in 48089 or 48091 – FREE spay/neuter, must provide proof of residency in one of those two zip codes

Warren, Michigan Low Income Residents – Must be low income and provide proof of residency – $10 cat spay/neuter, $25 dog spay/neuter

Sterling Heights, Michigan Low Income Residents – Must be low income and provide proof of residency – $10 cat spay/neuter, $25 dog spay/neuter

Pets For Life Detroit – Limited time! Detroit Pets living in the 48201, 48206 or 48208 Zip Code get FREE spay/neuter. FREE Rabies, distemper and a microchip available too! Proof of 48201/48204/48206/48208 zip code residency required. We wish to thank the Humane Society of the United States for their mentorship. If your pet is already fixed and that can be verified, you are eligible for a free rabies, distemper and microchip at all three AAAR clinics during walk in wellness hours.

* Please note, offers/specials/discounts are while we have availability and is subject to change without notice. They cannot be combined with other offers/specials/discounts. No substitutions, no cash value and they are not transferable to another animal. Specials are for the general public. If you are a 501 (c) (3) program, ask us about our Rescue program.


Dental Cleaning

Dental Prophylaxis are performed by appointment.

  • $99 and $15.00 per tooth extraction (maximum cost of $60.00 for all extractions) Please note: some extractions require a full service veterinary clinic.
  • $20.00 discount if your pet is spayed/neutered on the same day. We do not perform dental cleanings on unaltered pets.
  • Pre-surgical bloodwork is offered for $40 and is required for dental patients 8 years and older.
  • Antibiotics if needed are an additional charge.
  • Dental cleanings are performed under anesthesia.


Walk-In Wellness Care

Click here for the locations and hours of our walk-in wellness clinics.

Vaccines – Distemper, rabies, bordetella (dogs only), leukemia (cats only) – $15 each, $10 surcharge per vaccine if pet isn’t fixed – surcharge can be applied towards spay/neuter surgery if completed within a month.

Flea and Heartworm Preventative Combo for cats and dogs

Cats and Dogs: Advantage Multi – $15 per dose (also treats for roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, sarcoptic mange and ear mites. 1 dose lasts 1 month)

Dogs: Sentinel – $11 per dose (also treats for roundworms, hookworms and whipworms.  1 dose lasts 1 month)

Heartworm Preventative (dogs)

Interceptor Plus – $10 per dose  (includes dewormer for roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms. 1 dose lasts 1 month)

Microchip Pet Identification (includes registration fee) – $25

Heartworm testing (dogs only) – $25

Fecal test – $20

Anal sac expression – $15

Nail trim – $15

Drontal dewormer (tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms) – varies by weight, starts at $10

FIV/FeLV testing (cats only) – $25

E-collar – varies by size of pet – $5-$10

Wellness Care Packages – save even more money!*

  • Puppy & Kitten 101 package – $20
    • Distemper with or without Lepto
    • Dewormer
  • Dog & Cat 102 package- $30
    • Rabies (rabies can be given starting at 3 months)
    • Distemper with or without Lepto
    • Dewormer
  • Dog 103 package- $45
    • Rabies
    • Distemper with or without Lepto
    • Dewormer
    • Heartworm test (6 months and older)

    *Dewormer in wellness care packages is for roundworms and hookworms


Outpatient Ill Care Treatment in Warren – Appointments Required

Physical Exam – $25, Treatment cost varies and is offered at what discounted prices we can make available.

Please call 586-879-1745 to book an appointment with one of our veterinarians. Messages will be returned within 24 hours. We are limited in what diagnostics and services we can perform.

Appointments for ill care available Wednesdays and Thursdays; 11 am to 2:45 pm and Saturdays; 3 pm to 5:45 pm